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With Love Dog gifts celebrate the loving bond we have with our beloved pets. They are the usual suspects that bring joy and crazy to our lives. They are our sunshine on a cloudy day. They love us with a forever love. And our world is unequivocally more beautiful because they share this life journey with us!

A percentage of proceeds from the sale of items in the With Love Dog gift shops allows me to continue to help homeless pets! Thank you!

My Story ...
In the last few months of 2008, I was losing my baby girl, Maggie Mae. A tiny little beagle, we'd been together for almost 15 years. My heart broke into a million pieces when she passed. We'd shared so many adventures together, camping under the magnificent starry sky, rafting down the Buffalo River, car rides, walks around White Rock lake, home made treats, and just enjoying life and the amazing bond that a person and pet can experience. She had a lot of illnesses through the years, from developing epilepsy at a young age, to having a disc rupture in her neck requiring neuro surgery, to her becoming hypothyroid, and in the last years, renal failure. 

To honor Maggie's memory, I wanted to do something to help the many homeless pets that do not know love and security – the ones that are so full of love, but have no one to share it with. So, after burying my beloved Maggie Mae the day before my birthday in 2008, I focused on creating a social network called Pawsitively Texas (see links below) with the vision to raise awareness for pets in need, the people helping pets, and to open a little shop to help raise funds for homeless pets with my own designs. In 2012, my mission of opening a shop is now a reality.

Please stay in contact! You can find me here and also on Facebook.com/WithLoveDog

And be sure and stop by My Rescue Dogs in Galleries; there you can meet my rescue family consisting of Mckenzie, Gracie Rae, Tiko, Auggie, and Mischi. 

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